Water Monitoring

The University of Wyoming, in collaboration with the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD), NRCS and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality initiated a water quality monitoring training program in 2005. The objectives of this program are to assist personnel statewide in complying with the State of Wyoming Credible Data Act and to ensure that data collected are of the quality necessary to achieve watershed management goals.

Training - The training is divided into three modules with both classroom and field components. Module 1 is an overview of watershed management and basic hydrologic and water chemistry processes. Module 2 covers basic experimental and statistical design, as well as instruction in developing water quality monitoring plans. Module 3 includes hands-on training in water quality sampling methods; introduction to data analysis and interpretation; and integration of water quality monitoring data at the watershed scale. Active participation and interaction among the participants is encouraged. Modules - Power Point Presentations & photos. Click on the links below to access modules 1 and 2 from the 2013 and 2014 training sessions

Module 1
  • Watershed 101

Module 2


Module 3


Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD home) - Links to Info on the National Water Quality Monitoring Program